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You've Been Lied To...

And it's not your fault...

If you're like most professionals looking for a secure career change that brings you more purpose and fulfillment you've most likely:

  • Spent countless hours scanning job sites.
  • Read every career change book and online article
  • Signed up to job alerts on positions you're depressingly unqualified for.
  • Been let down by numerous recruitment consultants.
  • Lost count of the number of times you've sent your CV off and heard nothing back.

The reality is: these are all functions of a traditional job market that isn't designed for career changers.

You're trying to go into a new industry/career and directly compete against other professionals with years of experience in the field you're interested in. 

So it's no wonder you haven't had your break yet. 

There are actually 3 fundamental steps you need to take in order to secure a safe transition into a new meaningful career that you love.

These 3 crucial steps *wasn't* something that was taught in school. 

Fortunately for you, you've already taken a step in the right direction by signing up for our Kickstart your Purpose-Driven Career Change Bootcamp where we will reveal the 3 steps over the next 4 days.

If you're serious about finally finding a career that gives you security, purpose, and impact then you're going to look back at the next 4 days as a pivotal turning point not just in your career but your life.  

So if you're ready to safely transition into a career that fills you with energy, purpose and freedom then register now while we still have spots open.




Come Out Ahead with Your Career, Bank Account & Your Life!

This Bootcamp Is Perfect For You If...

  • You spent enough time feeling stuck in a career that doesn't feel like you but you still don't know what to do.
  • Want to change your career but don't want to risk the security or comfort of your current job.
  • The idea of continuing the endless job search and sending CVs make your brain hurt.
  • Want to discover what to do next in your career and are looking for a simple step by step system that's been proven to work (with 10,000 people all around the world!)
  • Want to have a long term career plan that is meaningful and resonates with your inner-self

Our Promise To You...

You will get more value from this free Bootcamp than any other PAID career coaching programs.

If you've looked at programs and e-courses in the past they usually cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So, if you've struggled to commit to that amount financially, this is a great opportunity to learn SO MUCH in 3 x 1 - hour live seminars.  

NOTE: This intensive training only runs a few times a year so register now before you miss out.

This Value Packed Intensive Training

Is FREE And Includes: 

  • 3 x Live (online) 1-hour workshops to walk you through the mindset, strategies and the AHA special process: so you are CLEAR on what steps are needed to find and get into a career you love (with purpose).
  • 2 Live Coaching calls to give you the personalised guidance you've bee looking for - so that you become CONFIDENT in your ability to overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck.
  • Workbook full of exercises to help you prepare to not only start the journey but to finish it and find an inspiring new opportunity. You'll be excited about the new way you look at work and careers.


When You Join Today You Get

Free Access To These Bonuses...

  • BONUS 1: Kick in the butt if you've been postponing your career shift for years and need that friendly 'extra push' .
  • BONUS 2: A HUG if you've been fighting the battle for so long and want to give up! 
  • BONUS 3: The empowerment all the way if you choose to continue this journey with us in the upcoming The Aha Moment Program. 
  • BONUS 4: Huge support! Our moto is "No Hero left behind" , we really care about your achievements. You can entrust in our community, everyone is here for you.
  • BONUS 5: True lifetime access. Rewatch and access the training anytime, anywhere. It’s never enough to watch a training just once. When people watch the trainings multiple times their career goes from strength to strength.

What participants say about the program

Meet Your Bootcamp Instructors

Steve Miller (a.k.a. The Canadian Career Guru)

Steve is a renowned expert and career coach in Canada and over the last 3 decades he has helped thousands of people from prisoners to CEOs to find and get into careers that work for them. 

He spent most of his life helping these people answer two questions: what’s my unique contribution to this world and how can I make a very good living from that? As result he created the 3 day workshop called The Implicit Career Search which is the Foundation of The Aha! Moment. 

He already certified an army of 150 practitioners and coaches to deliver this workshop. Apart from the Implicit Career Search he also authored 2 books and runs seminars with Fortune 100 companies on various topics.

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Silviu (a.k.a. the Purpose Guy)

After spending years in multinational companies, always feeling lost with no sense of direction in his career, Silviu decided to stop making the rich richer and decided to dedicate his time to doing something that actually matters and helps society in a tangible way. 

Now he started helping smart, motivated but overwhelmed millennials find and build purpose-centred careers.  

We'll Teach You How To Successfully Transition Into A Meaningful Career You Love While Protecting The Job You Have 

...even if you don't want to risk choosing the wrong career again. 

7th September @8pm BST (UK)/3pm EST/12pm PST